Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puma track photo taken in Big Tujunga Wash community of Sunland City of Los Angeles Ca. near residences encroaching into Tujunga wash wildlife migration corridor. Big Tujunga Wash is home to many resident endangered and threatened species as well such as the Arroyo Toad, the Slender Horned Spineflower, Arroyo Chub etcetera. The Big Tujunga River in our community was proposed, and designated as critical Habitat for the recovery of the Arroyo Toad, only to be stripped of the designation by a political hack appointee of the Bush//Cheney administration. This is currently undergoing review by the US FWS in response to a lawsuit filed by the center for biological diversity, who deserve our sincere thanks for standing up for nature on many fronts.

Thanks CBD! Ricky Grubb, .

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