Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rooftop residential owned solar electric systems

 We need rooftop solar systems standards, rebates, reasonable feed in tariffs and expedited permits to fuel an explosion of good clean intown Megawatts, (rooftop solar in free market is customer owned) critically, new ROOFTOP solar generates green IN BASIN megawatts, with none of the associated fossil fuel burning emissions. Rooftop Solar is clean power that comes online just when we need it most, producing max output on hot sunny days when we import lots of power over the overheated high voltage DC interties sending hydro power here from up north, and importing coal power here from the east. Rooftop solar electric makes more sense than building far off wind farms or solar thermal plants on fragile desert tortoise habitat (free BLM land for "green" solar thermal in fragile desert habitat tarp funds no doubt), that still requires transmission capacity, (Interties are ugly as he1, they destroy pristine scenic wilderness wantonly), and they are already overloaded on hot summer days. We can own our own solar power on our rooftops and reap the returns on our investments with strong long term leadership and initiative on this, and we have to commit retiring old power plants replacement with rooftop solar low interest loans and rebates. We can go rooftop solar, and reduce the human (over)population by about 2 % over the next 10 - 15 years and solve all our stinky, sprawling gas guzzling overblown cities problems. Support Natural surroundings, the lives they live are no less G_D given than ours, we should not continuously destroy so much that is so good for so little.